Moment After Watching “Fabric of Cosmos”

So, I just finished Fabric of Cosmos documentary. As I was thinking about a view by my friend that black-holes can be the reason big-bang happens. I started noting down everything that kept coming in my mind. It’s the best way of brainstorming. Honestly I know nothing other than some basic Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. But yeah, I asked myself some questions. Some may be one whose answers are obvious, but whatever it is? I need my answers to all questions and disprove/prove the hypothesis. Well, in the process of reading this further, if you believe that you know some answers or know where I can I find answers, please tell me. Thanks!!


Blackholes can be the reason why Big Bang Happened. Think it like this.

What is Happening

Warping the Space-time curve such that the point of singularity actually lies in another universe.

So basically, Black hole’s point of singularity lies in another dimension as we can say “Origin of Big Bang”.

Now Important Question Arises,

  • What is the origin of Big Bang?
  • Does Big Bang just took place for a infinitesimal second, just an explosion and “Boom”?
  • Or Big Bang is an undergoing process like black hole from some other universe transitioning energy into this one?
  • And Black Hole into this universe again be the Big-Bang from other one.
  • What’s happening at the point of Singularity of Blackhole? [The matter or energy is transmitting into the other universe.]
  • Or the concept of Whitehole; Blackhole: wrapping universe into it. Whitehole: Unwrapping universe out of it.

Who knows if the center of universe contains a white-hole?

Problems with this theory

There are many Black-holes in a universe, but possibly only one Big-Bang Source. So it seems like a universe is creating infinite number of universe, but receiving energy from only one Big Bang.

There should be some connection which Blackhole acting as Big-Bang Source.

  • Origin of Blackhole →From Dying stars. (So infinite stars, infinite blackholes.)
  • Milkyway has a blackhole at its center, as well as many blackholes are within milkyway here and there (because of dying stars.) Then what defines the difference between blackhole at the center and any other blackholes?
  • What is the origin of blackhole at the center?
  • And what about the blackhole at the centre of universe? How powerful it must be? Or is there something else other than blackhole at the centre of universe?
  • Too many questions, what are the chances that the one lying at the centre of universe can be a source of Big-Bang, where it all started?
  • Talking about Big-bang, explosion was symmetric, right? Everything started in all directions and keep expanding further.
  • Can Dark Energy be related to this and big-bang concept?

Enjoy !!